Print2PDF was discontinued and replaced by PDF Impress.

Print2PDF can be configured to distribute customized preferences and profiles to clients. A client can choose to use the printer from a shared printer (Add printer) or through a multi-user environment such as Terminal Services or Citrix XenApp (AKA: MetaFrame Presentation Server). This makes it easy to unify PDF conversion settings in your organization by locking down the PDF creation process.

Configure Print2PDF to distribute preferences to clients

All integration options are available from the Print2PDF Configuration utility in the Print2PDF Program Group. To access these options, do the following:

  1. Launch Print2PDF Configuration from the Print2PDF program group.
  2. Make sure the Show the Print2PDF Save dialog option is enabled and Profile only is selected.
  3. Change the preferences and Add/Modify/Delete the profiles as you see fit.
  4. Enable the Distribute preferences to new clients for shared printer clients and the Distribute preferences to all users on this computer for Citrix and Terminal Service users.
  5. Enable the Use share profiles placed in network folder option and define the Shared profile directory if you wish to sync profiles using a network folder.
  6. Click OK to confirm all settings.

Print2PDF Configuration with Distribute Preferences Enabled

See the simplified Print2PDF interface in action

Once the above has been performed, a client user can either add the shared Print2PDF printer to the local workstation or use the Print2PDF printer in a multi-user environment. Do the following to see the simplified interface:

  1. Print any document to the Print2PDF printer.
  2. The Select Profile dialog will appear as follows:

Print2PDF Save As dialog with Profile Only Enabled

Changing the preferences

Preferences can be changed at anytime. In a multi-user environment, changes will take effect immediately, but once the printer has been shared and added to a client, this requires another step. Any client with the Print2PDF printer currently installed will need to reinstall the printer. To do this, simply delete the printer from the client and re-add it from the server. If you are using a network folder to distribute profiles, this step will not be needed since the client will read the network share in real-time.

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