PDF Impress can add a digital text watermark to identify the content of the document to the reader (e.g. Draft, Confidential). Just add the watermark task to your profile (or use Confidential profile) and print the document to the PDF Impress printer. Watermarking an Adobe PDF involves inserting a digital text when PDF document is created or to an existing PDF document. This can be done on multiple pages in any document and multiple watermarks can be added to any page in the document. Watermarking can be performed on multiple documents in a batch.

How to (batch) watermark output on multiple pages

PDF Impress can add watermark to existing PDF in PDF Tools, or it can be done during PDF creation from the print process. Multiple documents can be watermarked by dragging and dropping them into Convert to PDF profile with watermark task(s), right clicking them in Windows Explorer, Workroom  or by using a Watcher with such profile.


Follow these instructions to apply a watermark:

  1. Launch PDF Impress and click on the Profile you like to add watermark to.
  2. Click Add task and pick Watermark.
  3. Type in your text into Watermark field (or right click and pick a variable).
  4. Select font, fonts size and style.
  5. Choose where you want to Insert on, choose All pages, or you can enter a list of pages separated by a comma (e.g. 1,4,8-16).
  6. Choose the watermark location by Manually place on the page, or use one of the automatic options (e.g. Center of the page).
  7. You can change rotation, layer and opacity of your watermark.
  8. Click BACK button on top left to save your Profile with a Watermark task.
  9. Print a document to the PDF Impress printer using the Profile you just edited, or drag and drop multiple files into Convert to PDF using the same profile.

Note: Step 2-7 can be repeated for adding multiple watermarks in the same document. Text in watermark can be variable ( e.g. date, name of file or case, time, etc.).

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