Print2PDF can be used to convert e-mail messages and attachments from any POP3 account. This example will show you how to setup your Gmail account to allow POP3 access, configure the PDF conversion settings to add attachments as PDF attachments, and define the e-mail archive folder.

Configure your Google Gmail account to allow POP3 access

By default, Gmail does not allow POP3 connectivity to your e-mail messages. Please do the following to allow access over POP3:

  1. Login to Google Gmail.
  2. Click Settings and then click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Click Enable POP for all mail.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Enable POP access in Google Gmail

Configure the Print2PDF Watcher

This example will show how to connect the Print2PDF Watcher to your Google Gmail account and convert all e-mail and attachments into one PDF. Do the following:

  1. Launch Print2PDF Watcher.
  2. Select the Watched e-mail radio button.
  3. Enter for the POP3 server, enter your Gmail username/password for POP3 login name/password, enter 995 for the Port, and enable the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox.
  4. Change Remove after to 999 so the watcher will not remove messages from the inbox.
  5. Change Convert to Letter and attachments.
  6. Change Attachments to Add attachments as PDF attachments.
  7. Click the Output tab.
  8. Change the Output file name to %EMAILMESSAGE-ID%.
  9. Enable the Output to folder checkbox and enter C:\Gmail\output\
  10. Enable the Move source to folder and enter C:\Gmail\archive\
  11. Clicik File Save Configuration As, and give the configuration a name like Gmail.ini.
  12. Now click Start to begin the conversion process.

Print2PDF Watcher Connected to Gmail

View the PDF output and e-mail archive folder

Once the POP3 download and PDF conversion is complete, you will find the output PDF documents in the OUTPUT folder and the original source .EML messages in the ARCHIVE folder. See the screenshot below to compare the directories:

Print2PDF Watcher Gmail Output and Archive

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