PDF Impress can add a digital text watermark to identify the contents of the document to the reader (e.g. Draft, Confidential). Just print the document to the PDF Impress printer with enabled watermark task. The software can also add the page number or the other variable text to the watermark text. Read below to learn more.

Add the Watermark

Just print your document to the PDF Impress print driver using Extended Save As dialog with “Confidential” profile, and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Watermark icon on top right.
  2. Edit Watermark text (you can add dynamic variable, e.g. Page %PAGENUM%/%TOTALPAGES%.).
  3. Click Save to begin PDF creation.

PDF Impress watermark

You can use any environment variables in Watermark text including these:


Note: You can combine multiple variables, text and use multiple lines for watermark. For example, you can create a watermark with page numbers as Page 1/5, Page 2/5 etc. by using 2 variables and text: Page %PAGENUM%/%TOTALPAGES%. The fastest way to use environment variables is to load them from right click context menu. You can add multiple watermarks to the same document and each of them can be set up with a different font, text orientation, visibility, and specify where each watermark will appear in the document.

Learn more about PDF Impress 10 from the product web site.

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