If you’re staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic or working remotely, you might be in need of some basic tools on your personal or/and work computer. Let’s see why SoftMaker Office can be a perfect fit for your needs. Gaining better benefits than from more expensive alternatives is a right choice.

  • Not depending on Internet access. After you download and activate SoftMaker Office, no Internet is needed. Enjoy full functionality of this productivity software even if cloud is down (e.g. Microsoft Office 365 does not load and Internet access is overloaded).
  • Protection against macro viruses. SoftMaker Office can open, edit and save the latest Microsoft Office formats, but it will NOT execute any Word/Excel macros which could infiltrate your system and compromise your security.
  • Run it from a USB drive. Install SoftMaker Office into USB drive and carry it together with your documents and spreadsheets. Running applications from USB drive is faster, portable and provides easier data recovery in the case when your hard drive failed.
  • Use it on laptops and older computers. SoftMaker Office download file is more than 8x smaller than Microsoft Office 2019 (397 MB vs 3460 MB ), so you can not only download and install it faster, it also requires less system requirements.
  • Save on software licenses. SoftMaker Office Standard lifetime license is $59.95 for 5 users in one household. In comparison, the price for one year subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Home is $100 and the lifetime license of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 is $150 per user.
  • Try it free. Download SoftMaker Office fully functional trial and use it free of charge for 30 days. No credit card or any commitment is required.

Learn more and download free trial of SoftMaker Office here. To acquire SoftMaker Office license, click on the Store button on the top of this page.

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