SoftMaker Office 2018 can open and save all Office Open XML files. All applications in the suite can open and save .DOCX documents, .XLSX spreadsheets, and .PPTX presentations. This compatibility is required since starting with Microsoft Office 2007, and continuing with the latest Microsoft Office 2019, the OpenXML file formats (ECMA-376) have become the default file format of MS Office.

SoftMaker Office is now compatible with Microsoft Office starting with ancient versions such as Word 6.0 and Excel 5.0 and up to and including the latest Microsoft Office 2019.

SoftMaker Office still supports older .DOC, .XLS, .PPT Microsoft Office formats. It can also open WordPerfect (.wpd) , OpenOffice (.sxw), OpenDocument (.odt), StarCals (.sdc) or even try to recover text from any document format.

SoftMaker Office Anniversary Update also improved compatibility in other places – for example, you can now add a “negative” crop to images in documents. Just like in Microsoft Office 2019, you can use Picture | Cropping not only to remove unwanted areas from an image, but also go in the opposite direction to add a wrap margin to images and more.

Learn more and download trial of SoftMaker Office here.

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