Adding 2D barcode (QR code) into your business cards and flyers is easy with SlimPublisher. This smart enhancement will allow anyone to scan your card with their smartphone and limit the need to manually key in contact or URL for download. Your customer with mobile devices will appreciate easy access to your information.

Use following steps to insert QR code into your design:

  1. Open SlimPublisher.
  2. Click Open your Project File or Template library and pick the design you like.
  3. Click on the tab where you want to place the 2D barcode to.
  4. Click Insert Barcode.
  5. Click Insert QR Code.
  6. Type in your contact into e-Business Card tab and click OK.
  7. Place your 2D barcode anywhere you want in your design, resize it or change any properties on right bar.

Now, when your customers scan the QR code on your business card with their mobile phones, they will be able to save your contact as vCard data into their address book. To try, scan the largest QR code on the picture.


The other QR code use: Additional use of QR code allows encoding of the URL (web site) in it. Scanning such barcode will directly download or access web site from the cell phone or tablet. Adding content into Plain Text tab will allow you to offer additional information about a subject or it can be effectively used for marketing promotions. Alternative is to use artistic QR code and merge it with text, images and  shapes.

Learn more and download trial of SlimPublisher here.

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