If you want to carry SoftMaker Office 2021 for Windows  and all documents with you, you can install SoftMaker Office 2021 into a USB flash drive. You can then run SoftMaker Office applications from the USB flash drive on any Windows-based computer (e.g.  borrowed or public computer). Once you unplug the USB flash drive, no trace of SoftMaker Office is left behind on such PC. Typical installation on USB drive is only 840 MB small (without service packs) and includes all four applications. Running applications from USB drive is faster, portable and provides easier data recovery in the case when your hard drive failed.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install SoftMaker Office on your regular PC’s built-in hard drive. This lets you work with SoftMaker Office in the regular way, even without a USB flash drive.
  2. Go to SoftMaker Office 2021 program group and click on Install SoftMaker Office 2021 on a USB stick. (“C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftMaker Office 2021\usbstick.exe” or C:\Program Files\SoftMaker Office 2021\usbstick.exe” )
  3. Follow the prompts, and the program copies the complete SoftMaker Office 2021 folder and My Documents\SoftMaker folder to your USB flash drive.

Your USB flash drive will contains a fully functional copy of SoftMaker Office 2021 which does not register itself in Windows registry database, in addition to all of your documents and configuration files. To launch one of the programs, open the SoftMaker Office 2021 folder on the USB flash drive and click on the program you wish to run (for example, TextMaker.exe or PlanMaker.exe).

What does “Install SoftMaker Office 2021 on a USB stick” (usbstick.exe) exactly do?

It determines the folder in which SoftMaker Office 2021 is installed, and copies the complete folder to the USB flash drive.  Then it copies the complete folder “My Documents\SoftMaker” into SoftMaker Office 2021 folder on USB flash drive. Files that already exist on the USB flash drive will be replaced only if newer files are located on hard drive. As a last step, program creates a file named portable.txt in the SoftMaker Office 2021 folder. This “marker file” causes SoftMaker Office not to install itself in the Windows Registry or the Start menu.

Note: Learn how to install SoftMaker Office for Linux on a USB flash drive here.

You can download trial of SoftMaker Office here.

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