Pay what you want, SCAM or DEAL?

Yesterday, one of our web site visitors asked, “Can you tell me more about your Pay What You Want deal? My friend warned me that it could be a scam”. We understand, it is hard to believe that someone would offer something valuable for a price you want to pay. But it is true, this is the best deal our company has ever offered.

How does it work?

  1. Click here to visit our Pay What You Want site.
  2. Type in what you believe the software is worth.
  3. You will end up in our shopping cart where you can finish your order. Cleverbridge is our e-commerce provider. So do not get worried that the domain name changed. It is ok, if you have any problem with your payment you can call them and they will help you out.
  4. When the order is paid, you will receive an instant download and keys for the software.

Pay what you want, enter the price here

Any catch?

Not really, only one small requirement: you need to pay at least $1.00 for each application (total $2.00). Our e-commerce provider charges us at least $2.00 for each transaction. They are not the bad guys, as they are answering a lot of phone calls and they pay fees from credit card companies and banks.

Can I try the software before I buy?

Sure, you can download the free trial of our applications, here. All software available on our website has been tested by our product certification team and is guaranteed to be free of any viruses or spyware.

Why are you doing this?

No, we are not a non-profit organization, we are a for-profit company with a conscience. Our goal is to create a community of individuals, and businesses, treat them with respect and provide products that are valued and appreciated. We feel that our software is already affordable, but we know that some people cannot afford it or believe that a different price should be paid. Now it is their time to be heard.

Will this last forever?

No, this social experiment will end on Monday, December 14, 2009.

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