Our pay what you want social experiment is over. If you missed it, check out our previous posts. Thanks go out to everyone who participated and purchased Kingsoft Office and Kingsoft Internet Security. We would like to share a few interesting facts about this social experiment with you.

How much people paid

82% of purchasers picked the cheapest option and paid the minimum payment of $2 required ($1 per application). The second largest group (8%) paid $10 per order. In the end only 0.6 % paid the full retail price of $39.95. The average price per order was $3.32.

Average Payment Price

The best day

Our best day was December 9, 2009. This day generated 18.5% of sales. Although this was not the most popular day on our site, we ended up with a 6% conversion ratio between web visitors and orders. We believe we experienced a mismatch of regular online traffic with offline traffic from an article printed in the Florida Times Union. This newspaper delivered the most motivated buyers to our site with an average price per order of $3.70, 11% higher than usual. A big thanks goes also to The Inquirer and various other online blogs that delivered a high volume of visitors to our site and made this experiment possible.

Approximate value by country

Orders were placed from 22 countries. Just for curiosity sake, we analyzed the payment amount using the per-capita GDP of the country in question to estimate the “approximate software value” for buyers from each country, using the United Stated as a base for this comparison. We use United States as a base because all payments from our e-commerce provider were converted to USD and because the majority of sales (37.36%) came from USA customers.

Approximate value by country

As you can see the approximate software value per country fluctuates from $2.39 to $119.20. Of course, we understand that these results are very speculative and do not represent a real value of the product, which is individual to each buyer. Thanks again to everyone who bought the software.

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