Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional contains 3 applications: Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheets. Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2010 contains the following changes:

    • Added support for opening files in .VML, .MHT, and .HTML format.
    • Added Range.CopyFromRecordset, which is used for importing contents from SQL.
    • Added a control option to Replace Internet and network paths with hyperlinks as you type in “Tools -> Options -> Edit”.
    • Enhanced the protect worksheet function.
    • Added workbook sharing.
    • Added support for displaying multiple summarizing in the status bar.
    • Added a function to convert text to a hyperlink.
    • Added support to allow users to edit ranges.
    • Added support inserting pictures in the header and footer.
    • Added support for pasting a name list in a worksheet.
    • Added support for saving as a .PRN text file in a fixed width.
    • Added 27 worksheet functions (e.g. database function, and more).
    • Added Reset the page break in the page break preview.
    • Added support for updating and importing external data.
    • Fixed a problem that prevented filling a sequence based on the date at the end of a month.
    • Fixed a problem of incorrect reference among workbooks.
    • Fixed a problem that the properties of page setup were lost when moving or copying a worksheet.
    • Fixed a problem that the calculation results of some nested functions were not matching with Microsoft Excel.
    • Fixed a problem that users did not know when a worksheet is protected.
    • Fixed the missing control option of Hidden in “Format -> Cells -> Protection”.
    • Improved the function of automatically identifying the header row during data sorting.
    • Improved the function of Auto Filter Again during data filtering.
    • Fixed a problem that the Hyperlink function can not link to a cell.
    • Fixed a problem that the data label of a pie chart does not display guide lines.
    • Fixed a problem that a user cannot exit when editing the protected cells in a protected worksheet.
    • Fixed a problem that the result is displayed as #Value! when users assign null value to a RANGE through an array in VBA.
    • Fixed a problem that users can not view the statistical result in the status bar after activating an OLE object.
    • Fixed a problem that adds an external reference name when copying cells, while it prompts to update the external data source after reopening the document.
    • Fixed a problem that saving in *.DBF format causes decimal loss when reopening the document.

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