Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional contains 3 applications: Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheets. Kingsoft Writer 2010 contains many new features and bug fixes, see below:

    • Added a new core engine to improve document efficiency and compatibility.
    • Added support for editing and displaying multiple languages.
    • Added support for a text calculation field.
    • Added a function for adding batch formulas in a table.
    • Added an outline view.
    • Added cross-references.
    • Added support for the StyleRef field.
    • Added a control option for the Default paste format in “Tools -> Options -> Edit”.
    • Added a control option for Show Author in “Tools -> Options -> Track Modifications”.
    • Added many text effects including shadow, outline, emboss, and engrave into “Format -> Font”.
    • Added an Addin field.
    • Added support for adding a chapter number in a caption.
    • Added a control option for Show form tip in a form field.
    • Added a function for auto text in the header and footer toolbar.
    • Added support for restarting numbering in the outline.
    • Added control options for Use smart paragraph selection and Drag-and-drop text editing in “Tools -> Options -> Edit”.
    • Improved how to manually draw tables with multiple rows and columns and control the number of table rows and columns using the keyboard.
    • Optimized adding rows and columns by dragging or clicking the new table buttons.
    • Fixed the missing operation of selecting the entire table by using CTRL+A.
    • Provide the function of dashed border selection, and supports dragging the right mouse button to select the table area, which is displayed in a dashed border.
    • Optimized the operation of moving a table and provided dragging a table by using ALT+left mouse button.
    • Supports splitting a table vertically and horizontally.
    • Improved the operation of the column drag handle, prompting in a dashed line.
    • Optimized the efficiency of copying and pasting a table, copying and filling, data dragging, and additional columns.
    • Optimized the efficiency of table calculation, field calculation, and value formatting.
    • Optimized the operation efficiency of the text tool.
    • Optimized the efficiency of the find and replace function.
    • Optimized the display effect of copying and pasting HTML content.
    • Improved saving as .HTML format, which supports coding selection.
    • Improved the operation of automatically canceling paragraph indentation when centered.
    • Fixed a problem that returns to the row header after pressing Backspace in a multiple-level symbols status.
    • Fixed a problem when pasting non-nested pictures to Microsoft Outlook.

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