Forrester Research recently surveyed 150 IT decision-makers with influence over productivity tool kits and interviewed vendors in the market to find out who is buying, and how companies are provisioning, office alternatives. They found that while overall adoption is still low, office alternatives are finding some traction in large enterprises as complementary tools and as replacements for specific segments. In fact over a third of respondents claim to be “actively looking at” or “piloting” alternatives.

Why do IT decision makers consider Kingsoft Office and other alternative products instead of upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010? Their motives are:

  1. Improving worker productivity
  2. Reducing license fee costs
  3. Reducing dependency on Microsoft

Kingsoft Office 2010 as the smallest and fastest Microsoft® Office alternative on the market today provides significant productivity increase for users with netbooks, laptops or older desktop systems. $39.95 or less per user price allows organizations to save on licensing fees while reducing a dependency on Microsoft.

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