All Kingsoft Office 2009 applications include an integrated Google Search toolbar. Using Kingsoft Writer, which is the included word processor, provides quick access to unlimited research resources while writing a document. Read below to see how seamless Google Search is integrated.

Access Google Search from Kingsoft Writer

Easily access Google Search with just a few clicks from Kingsoft Writer. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Kingsoft Writer and open an existing document.
  2. Highlight the term in the document you wish to search (or enter your search term in the Google Toolbar at the top).
  3. Right click the term and then click Search (or press enter if you entered the term in the toolbar).

Kingsoft Writer with integrated Google Search

See Google Search Results in Kingsoft Writer

Google search results will appear at the bottom of the document. You can surf the search results in the bottom window, continue editing your document in the top window, or close the search results using the Close button in the upper-right corner of the bottom window.

Google Search results in Kingsoft Writer

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