Here is a list of new functions and bug fixes for Kingsoft Office 2009:

New Features

  • Read MS XML 2007 (OOXML) format in Writer and Spreadsheets (beta).
  • Add the support of Change event of CommandBarComboBox.
  • Automatically choose codes when opening a text file.
  • Edit in full screen view.
  • The function of magnifying the position you clicked when previewing print effects.
  • Equation Editor.
  • Recent File Management.
  • Print a file directly in explorer.
  • Save All.
  • The function of moving the document tabs.
  • Add read-only password.
  • The transition between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • “Save pictures as” function.
  • Import/Export users’ configuration files.
  • Support sending emails with Foxmail.
  • Support inserting Writer/Spreadsheets/Presentation files by inserting icons.
  • Support pasting OLE objects from the clipboard.
  • Support scheduling installation or update.
  • Support creating a new document by double-clicking the template.
  • Support Japanese shift key.
  • Support entering a preset layout.

Kingsoft Writer

  • Automatically check spelling when typing words (which is realized by adding red wave line automatically).
  • Support pasting HTML.
  • The function of capitalizing the first character of an English word.
  • Add an “Intelligent tab” button when pasting something.
  • Save mht files.
  • Save the default style.
  • Page background.
  • Support the diagonal border in a table.
  • Automatically adjust the indents of the beginning of a paragraph.
  • Add form field.
  • Legal numbering in multi-level numbering.
  • Match the current formatting (The Paste button provides a drop-down option).
  • Add book fold.
  • Add style shortcut keys.
  • Support saving files as *.html.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets

  • Support forms.
  • Add five worksheet functions, they are Mmult, Frequency, Hyperlink, Mround and T functions.
  • AutoCorrect: when inputing mail box or web page addresses, they are converted into hyperlink immediately.
  • Reading layout in Spreadsheets (highlight the row and column of the active cell in yellow).
  • Add the function of opening CSV files that are separated by Tab.
  • Add the support of Workbooks.Opentext.
  • Add the “Precision as displayed” function.
  • The DATEDIF function.
  • Open and save the files which are in DBF format.
  • Open the xml files saved by Excel 2003.
  • Split window.
  • Advanced Filter.
  • F4 function (repeat the previous format settings).
  • The starting page number.
  • The prompt of the text value.
  • Add the “Go to” function and improves the performance of [Ctrl+A].
  • Add the function of binding object with hyperlink.
  • Support finding functions in the Function dialog box.
  • Add the method to call the internal worksheet functions.
  • Add the function of displaying cell error as…

Kingsoft Presentation

  • Triggers.
  • Magnifying glass which can zoom in or out a slide when showing a presentation.
  • Save as PowerPoint Show files.
  • Insert a copy of a slide.
  • Package for CD.
  • Add the shortcut key of deleting rows in a table.
  • Print outlines

Bug fixes

  • Optimized the problem that “Display as icon” check box becomes gray when inserting an ole object.
  • Improved the PDF export effect.
  • Fixed the problem that file size didn’t become smaller when compressing a picture.
  • Fixed the problem that a system sound alarmed when changing into the next line by pressing [alt+enter].
  • Fixed the problem that users cannot exit U disk without closing Kingsoft when saving Kingsoft files to U disk.
  • Fixed the problem that a numeric catalogue appeared if installation directory couldn’t be found when running Repair operation.
  • Fixed the problem that HTTP:// will not be added automatically in the “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box.

Kingsoft Writer

  • Fixed the problem that pictures in an object couldn’t be shown in some documents.
  • Fixed the problem that the cursor couldn’t jump to the first page when pressing Ctrl+Home combination keys after pressing Down arrow .
  • Fixed the problem that some plug-ins couldn’t pass virus check.
  • Fixed the problem that part of contents in a cell lost when selecting a cell and then dragging it to a specific position.
  • Fixed the problem that the cursor will be directed outside of the layout when inserting a space at the end of a paragraph which is aligned right.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets

  • Fixed the problem that cells couldn’t be selected by scrolling the mouse button.
  • Improved the slow reaction when opening a specified hyperlink.
  • Fixed the problem that the options like Delete Cells, Delete Rows, Delete Columns cannot be used in Edit menu under the Command tab in Customize dialog.
  • Fixed the problem that the event On_before_Close cannot be triggered when closing Spreadsheets by using API.
  • Fixed the problem that it’s not able to input normally in a workbook opened by Excel and the book was set Data Validation.
  • Improved the copy and paste effect in API, and fixed the problem that the result is invalid when inserting pasted contents in a whole row.
  • Fixed the problem that copy Sheet 1 then paste in Sheet 2 but finally the contents are pasted into Sheet 1.
  • Fixed the messy sheet tabs when creating a new worksheet in API.
  • Fixed the messy sheet tabs when copying worksheets.
  • Fixed the instability in setting a fixed column width.
  • Fixed the error occurred when reading and writing DBF files.
  • Fixed the problem that data cannot be sorted when there is a merged cell in the sort title line.
  • Fixed the problem that the cursor may jump to row N+1 and column M+X after pressing Tab X (can be 1, 2, 3, etc.) times in row N and column M then pressing Enter.
  • Fixed the problem that users cannot set page in multiple sheets.
  • Fixed the problem that Spreadsheets prohibits sorting data when selecting a sort keyword as “None”.
  • Improved the performance in automatically identifying the title line of a sorted area.

Kingsoft Presentation

  • Fixed the crash problem when showing slides in Double-Screen mode.
  • Fixed the problem that some presentations couldn’t be opened.
  • Insert FLASH without installing VBA.

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