Golden rule: The QR code print size should be big enough for a mobile phone camera to be able to clearly focus on. QR codes containing vCard details have very high data densities and will result in Version 10 or higher of QR codes with more than 60 rows and columns of dots. Simply put, more information are encoding in QR code, the larger QR code needs to be. SlimPublisher will automatically optimize the size of the QR code created, so it is not recommended to change default size of QR code or edit QR sizes in templates. Although generally speaking, increasing the size does not matter, but if you make QR code smaller, you may not to be able to scan it anymore.


Tip: If you want the QR code to be printed as small as possible on your business card without taking up too much real estate, consider using an indirect method. You will need to upload your vCard file to publicly accessible Web server and then encode into QR code direct URL to this file. Since the only information in QR code is one (1) URL, QR code will be much smaller (see picture above). Once user scan QR code, download of vCard file will be offered. The drawback of this solution is that users will need to have Internet access on their phones to be able to import the information from your business card to their contact. Benefits are: smaller QR size and ability to update contact information in vCard file without need to reprint business cards. vCard file can be exported from “Insert QR Code” in SlimPublisher. Download SlimPublisher here:

Note: Regardless of the size of the QR code you used, the finished QR code should be tested thoroughly in its intended final setting to make sure that it works at printed size.

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