The four layer architecture system is the foundation of Kingsoft Office technologies. In order to serve the user better, Kingsoft Office 2010 applies this flexible architecture system. This provides API services directly from the Core Layer of the product, which is totally different from systems applied by Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. The following image shows the details of the four layers:

System Layer: A cross-platform interface to ensure functionality on all systems (e.g. Windows, Linux).

Public Layer: Shared functions to ensure that the system is as small as possible.

API Core Layer: Core engines (Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation) ensure consistency under different operating environments.

Application Layer: Components that are frequently used (e.g. plug-ins and controls).

To accomplish cross-platform compatibility, Kingsoft has developed a basic class library called KFC (Kingsoft Foundation Class), which casts off the restraints of the framework of MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) and guarantees the system security and internal optimization of the office suite.

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