Your files stored at Dropbox are encrypted and secured, they say. They also say: “Dropbox always recommended third-party encryption solutions for advanced users who are comfortable managing their own encryption keys”. Scan2Encrypt is a software which allows you to scan hard copies of your documents using scanner or webcam, merge them into one PDF file, encrypt with a 256-bit AES encryption with your own private password and upload them to Dropbox or send by email.

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your scanner or webcam.
  2. Launch Scan2Encrypt application and click on secure PDF icon in the middle.
  3. When your scanner software starts, scan your document.
  4. Click on the Next Arrow on the bottom right.
  5. Pick 256-bit AES encryption from pull down menu.
  6. Type in your passwords for opening documents and for changing PDF permission.
  7. Click on the Next Arrow on the bottom right.
  8. Click on the Dropbox and pick Folder where you want upload your file.


Learn more and download Scan2Encrypt trial now.

Note: Scan2Encrypt can store your encrypted PDF documents directly to cloud storage at Dropbox and only you will know the password to your encrypted files. There is no need to install Dropbox software on your PC.

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