Microsoft earlier this month launched a marketing campaign called “The Twin Challenge” pitting Office 2019 and Office 365 against each other. The goal? To prove Office 2019 isn’t worth buying and push the more expensive subscription license to new customers. We recommend a better alternative to both these options. Your saving with SoftMaker Office Professional (10 users) vs Office 365 is $612 during a first year and $990* for each year after.

Additionally to the cost issue, the mainstream support for Microsoft Office 2019 ends on October 10, 2023. Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 said:

…On the flipside, Office 2019 also delivers full installs of the Office apps we know and love — but they’re “frozen in time.” They don’t ever get updated with new features, and they’re not cloud-connected…

It seems that days of Microsoft Office 2019 are counted and we strongly recommend all users to consider alternatives. Here is a short comparison between Microsoft Office 2019 and SoftMaker Office 2018.


Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019* SoftMaker Office Professional 2018
Cost Pay a single, one-time cost  


Pay a single, significantly lower one-time cost 
Office applications Get Office apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Get Office apps like TextMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations, BasicMaker, Berlitz Dictionaries, and integration with Thunderbird email client.


Feature updates Security updates are included, but you won’t get any new features. Your version of SoftMaker Office will be improving till a new version is available. You’ll get all the latest features and updates, as well as security updates and bug fixes.


Install Office on more than one computer  One-time purchases can be installed once. You and the members of your family are entitled to using one license on five (5) computers at the same time. Business users need to have license for each computer. License can be installed multiple times.


Technical support is included Initial technical support is included for installing only. Contact SoftMaker at no extra cost for help with any technical issues.


SoftMaker will continue releasing software patches and new features for SoftMaker Office 2018 users free of charge till Softmaker Office 2020 is available. At that point all users will qualify for an upgrade discount to the new version with a mayor new functionality. Learn more about SoftMaker Office licensing and, features and download  free 30 days trial here.


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