SoftMaker Office 2021 installation can change default file association and default save file formats. You can assign SoftMaker Office TextMaker to Microsoft .DOC, .DOCX and .RTF, SoftMaker Office PlanMaker to .XLS, .XLSX, and SoftMaker Office Presentation to .PPT, .PPTX. This will allow you to double-click files in Windows File Explorer and they will launch in the appropriate SoftMaker Office 2021 application. Read below to see how this works.

Change default file association and save formats

The SoftMaker Office Options allows you configure file associations. Do the following to make SoftMaker Office open .DOCX / .XLSX / .PPTX files by default:

  1. Launch the TextMaker (or PlanMaker or Presentations).
  2. Go to menu File, then Options on toolbar.
  3. Click on System.
  4. Click on Associate file types… button and you will be directed to Settings of Default App.
  5. Follow your operating system help to set your file associations.

See SoftMaker Office 2021 icons in File Explorer

You will now be able to double-click Microsoft Office files from File Explorer and the appropriate SoftMaker Office 2021 application will be launched.

Learn more and download trial of SoftMaker Office 2021 here.

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