Note: Kingsoft Office was replaced by BinaryNow Office.

Kingsoft Office includes a utility that can change default file association and default save file formats. From this application you can assign Kingsoft Writer to Microsoft .DOC and .RTF, Kingsoft Spreadsheets to .XLS, and Kingsoft Presentation to .PPT. This will allow you to double-click files in Windows Explorer and they will launch in the appropriate Kingsoft Office application. Read below to see how this works.

Change default file association and save formats

The Kingsoft Office Configuration Tools application allows you configure file association and default save formats. Do the following to enable Kingsoft Office open/save access to .DOC/.RTF/.XLS/.PPT files:

  1. Open the Kingsoft Office program group.
  2. Launch the Kingsoft Office Configuration Tools applications.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Click the File Associations tab and make sure all options are enabled (see screenshot below).
  5. Click OK.

Kingsoft Office Configuration Tools

See Kingsoft Office icons in Windows Explorer

You will now be able to double-click Microsoft Office files from Windows Explorer and the appropriate Kingsoft Office application will be launched.

Kingsoft Office File type icons in Windows Explorer

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