Every time you create a new spreadsheet in Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2010, built-in setting are used for the font, text color, page margins and more. If you wish to change any of these parameters you will need to create a custom spreadsheet template and set this template as the default. Just follow these instructions and you will be creating new files based on your desired settings in no time.

Create Custom Spreadsheet Template

  1. Open Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2010.
  2. Create a new spreadsheet with the settings you wish (e.g. Page Margins, Headers/Footers, etc.).
  3. Save the file as Normal.ett and select the type as Kingsoft Spreadsheets Templates (*.ett).
  4. This file must be saved to the following directory: %appdata%\Kingsoft\office6\templates\

Set Custom Template as Default

  1. Open Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2010.
  2. Click FileNew from Other Templates…
  3. Select Normal from the list, check the box Set as Default Template at the bottom, and click OK.

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