Kingsoft Office 2009 is an alternative to Microsoft Office that includes the word processor Kingsoft Writer. Kingsoft Writer can mail merge data from many sources (Microsoft Access .MDB, ODBC datasource, Microsoft Excel .XLS, .TXT, .CSV, .DB, and .DBF). The merged output can be to a new document (one document), multiple documents (seperate files), a printer, or to e-mail.

Create Datasource

You can easily create a simple Excel (.XLS) data source using Kingsoft Spreadsheets as follows:

  1. Open Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  2. Enter the heading for each piece of data (e.g. AccountNumber, Name, EmailAddress).
  3. Enter data for each record that corresponds with the heading.
  4. Now click File, then click Save, give the file a name (e.g. mailmerge-data.xls) and choose Save as type Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets Mail Merge XLS Datasource

Prepare Document for Mail Merge

Follow these steps to prepare the document for a mail merge:

  1. Open an existing form letter into Kingsoft Writer.
  2. Click Tools and then click Mail Merge Toolbar.
  3. Click the Open Data Source button, choose the XLS data source created above, then click OK to confirm the data from SHEET1$.
  4. Click anywhere in the document you wish the merge data to appear, then click the Insert Merge Fields button, choose the field you wish to insert into the document and click Insert.
  5. Once you are finished inserting merge fields you can save the document.

Kingsoft Writer Mail Merge Fields

View Output from Mail Merge

Click the corresponding button to merge the output as desired: Merge to New Document, Merge to Different New Documents, Merge to Printer, or Merge to E-mail. The below image shows the output from Merge to Different New Documents.

Kingsoft Writer Mail Merge to Different New Documents

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