QR (quick response) codes can be creative and very artistic. With SlimPublisher, you can insert your logo into QR code to brand it, and also use text or various shapes to help with promotions. Artistic (branded) QR code will help you to stand out from crowd and make your organization more memorable. Besides looking good, theses barcodes are still useful for their primary purpose and can be scanned with any scanner/phones.

Use following steps to create artistic QR code (2D barcode) in your design:

  1. Open SlimPublisher
  2. Click Open your Project File or Template library and pick the design you like.
  3. Click on Business Card – Font tab or the tab where you want to place the 2D barcode to.
  4. Click Insert Barcode
  5. Click on InsertQR Code
  6. Fill up the Content ( E-business Card or Plain Text) fields
  7. Click on the Insert Image, or Insert Text or Insert Shape to create artistic QR code
  8. Place your artistic QR Code anywhere you want in your design, resize/rotate it or change any properties on right side bar.


Note: The finished QR code should be tested thoroughly in its intended final setting to make sure that it works at printed size.

Learn more and download SlimPublisher here:

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