Today, even the best mobile phone deals with competition across all platforms. This puts added pressure on developers as they consider working on applications that must cooperate with multiple platforms. Developers with applications that are compatible across all platforms will have the competitive advantage. Many, however, do not develop for multiple platforms because the process requires significantly more resources. The catch 22 is that many applications will end up being unsustainable because they do not reach the full spectrum of app users. Developing across multiple platforms is essential for success. Here are some excellent resources for cross-platform app development.


RhoMobile offers a Ruby-based framework that enables developers to create applications for various smartphone devices and operating systems. Rhodes is the name of the open-sourced framework that is used. With this framework, developers are only required to write the code once. From the initial code, Rhodes can quickly modify the application’s code to build apps for different platforms, operating systems or smartphones. The applications may be adapted to all hardware including embedded GPS devices and cameras. RhoHub and RhoSync help developers keep application data current on mobile devices.

Appcelerator Titanium Development Platform

Appcelerator assists developers in the creation of mobile, tablet and desktop applications. This application uses a host of web development languages including JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, HTML and others. This development tool also provides users access to 300 APIs, both social and other types. Customizable metrics for actions and events are also available as well. Developers may choose to host the applications in the cloud or on the device. Like other cross platform application development resources, camera and video camera may be fully accessed through these applications.


Corona SDK allows software developers to build for iOS and Android devices. Apps developed using the Corona kit are known for their high graphics while maintaining small size (starting under 400KB) and fast development time. On top of graphic quality, Corona apps are completely compatible with other functions like device cameras, GPS, compasses, etc. The kit is also supportive of both Android and iPhone user interfaces, so developers can use text features like keyboard inputs and fonts. No per-app royalties or branding requirements are imposed on developers using the Corona development kit.

Phone Gap

PhoneGap allows developers to create applications for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Symbian, Palm, and Blackberry. The cross-platform app uses JavaScript and HTML for web development. This application also won an award at the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco Launch Pad event in 2009. Applications used in conjunction with the GPS, camera, accelerometer and sound may be created with Phone Gap. Adobe AIR app, a cross-platform simulator, will also assist with application development. Online training sessions will help developers access APIs and also learn to build mobile apps on the PhoneGap platform.

Moscrif by Mothiva

Moscrif lets you create native applications or games for smartphones or tablets running on iOS, Android, Symbian Samsung bada and Windows Mobile. It allows developers to focus on application development rather than code for each different platform. Developers do not even need to know C, C++, Objective C or Java to build applications or games, because Moscrif is built on the top of powerful javascript engine with great native libraries like Box2D for 2D games creation. This allows users to develop fast while preserving high quality and performance. Moscrif SDK includes emulator, IDE, framework libraries and publishing tools that do not require installation of additional framework or SDK such as Xcode, Android Developer Tools with Eclipse, Carbide.C++, Visual Studio, and bada IDE. Note: Moscrif by Mothiva was discontinued.


Cross-platform applications only increase the competitive advantage of the developer. Clients that can use the same application regardless of the phone they select, appreciate this convenience. Additionally, this expands the number of potential customers that developers may have.  Even the Developers should consider these five resources to develop applications that are stable and useful regardless of the smartphone device or operating system. Cross-platform application development resources significantly increase the flexibility and profit-generating capability of the smartphones and applications.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at Mobile Phone Expert, the phone comparison website. He specializes in finding the best mobile phone deals and providing leading industry news and information.

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