Mobile broadband has completely changed the way we use computers, and has led to the development of better mobile computing devices. Everywhere you look, people are using tablet devices, which are quickly replacing the laptop as the preferred mobile broadband device. Tablets using the Android operating system are growing in popularity, and some new users might not know what apps are essential for making their Android tablet as efficient and fun as any laptop. Here is a top ten list of apps that will allow users to get the most from their Android tablet. Got a broken or malfunctioning tablet? Computers R Us Tablet Repair got the fastest repair services for your valued gadget.

PressReader (free)

This app is for those who cannot live without knowing about international news from respected publications. The app is free, but subscribing to the various worldwide publications does cost a subscription fee. Each article you read appears exactly as it does in the hard copy edition, as all documents are in PDF format.

Amazon Kindle (free)

Take your library of books with you wherever you go. Amazon’s Kindle app allows you to synchronize your tab to your Kindle Reader and smartphone, so you can pick up reading where you left off on the other devices. It also allows you access to download the classics and read them for free.

Taptu (free)

Taptu allows all your social media feeds to be dragged and dropped into a grid for sorting and reading. Perfect for those who are active on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

SPC Music Sketchpad ($5.45)

If you like making your own music, this app is right up your alley. SPC allows you to mix 16 different tracks, loop your own sequences, and record your own tracks with the press of a button. It also boasts an advanced music editor for those who like to get their musical hands dirty.

Vignette ($3.92)

This app allows for quick, simple image editing. If you have a photo that needs color correction or something simple done to it, this app is the one to have. It has a very simple check box interface for making image editing on the go smoother.

Google Body (free)

This app allows you to study a 3-D model of the human body and all of its systems and organs. You can choose what parts or systems of the body you want to look at without all the mess and criminal charges.

Weatherbug for Honeycomb (free)

This is a rather detailed weather tracking app that gives you everything from wind speed and direction to barometric pressure readings to live cameras and richly detailed satellite maps.

Bang Bang Racing THD ($5.86)

Bang Bang Racing is an addictive 2-D racer that looks impressive and gives you an old school racing game feel. You’ll kill lots of time playing this one! You might want to check ceme online a kind of gambling online game.

Tweetcomb (free)

For those fans of Twitter, this app allows for multiple accounts to be shown in separate columns as well as tweets longer than 140 characters for those long winded tweeters.

Pinball HD ($2.99)

A richly detailed and fun pinball app that boasts three unique tables, Pinball HD delivers realistic pinball physics, and allows for 3-D playing if you have stereoscopic glasses.

Having these apps will greatly improve the experience with an Android tablet. With everything from news to weather, to games from Slotzo and music, these apps are cheap or free tools to make users more productive and more entertained. Now if they only came up with a winning lottery number predictor app.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert and specializes in mobile phones, industry news, and a mobile broadband.

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