The Android platform is the most common operating system used in smartphones today. In the second quarter of 2011, Android had over 40% of the market share of all mobile operating systems. Released in 2008 by the powerhouse Google, it is present in multiple manufacturers’ devices and has become the world’s number one selling operating system. Android and Apple have many features in common; both have an extensive app marketplace, both support sim only plans, and both access the web at speeds faster than ever before. Many entrepreneurs and techies alike choose Android due to its open-source nature and Flash support. For these reasons and more, the Android is an excellent choice for business people the world over. The following are some must-have apps for entrepreneurial Android users.

TouchDown HD

The TouchDown application is excellent for anyone with a busy schedule. This application allows the Android user to have access to his/her business emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks all at once. In real time, the TouchDown application notifies the user whenever emails have arrived, whenever dates on the calendar approach, and when tasks are coming up. This application is also customizable, where the user can decide between dozens of speech notifications, peak times, and viewing lenses. TouchDown also has the capability to send encrypted information with security as a main priority.

Days Until

The Days Until app is an important one for users who keep close watch on deadlines. Rather than having to check one’s schedule daily, the Days Until Widget will remind the user on the main screen. This way, important dates on the calendar will be more noticeable to the user and will not come without warning.

All Expenses Paid

The All Expenses Paid application is the Androids expense tracking device for those who have business expenses. It is difficult to keep track of all receipts one gets, but with this application the process of expenses is made much easier. The user can fill in all the information about his/her expense and take a picture of the receipts and store them on the Android. Instead of fumbling for receipts come tax time the user can simply go to his All Expenses Paid application where the information is neatly displayed.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

The Cisco WebEx Meetings application is a very useful application for those who are involved with business or conference calls. Keep track of and connect to your important meetings when you are on the go. With full-screen viewing and free VoIP calling, this app lets you view the content that’s shared from a computer anywhere. You can start a chat and see who has joined your meeting and from where. The Cisco WebEx Meetings application puts all the information in one place.

Google Voice

The Google Voice application is a helpful app with many capabilities. First, Google Voice offers cheap rates on international calls. With VoIP and sim only plans, users can basically make calls without the need to sign up for a pricey contract. Second, Google Voice will listen to the user’s voice messages and transcribe what was said. This way, the user does not have to go back and re listen to voicemails when the transcript is written down for them by Google.

Talk to ME

The Talk to ME application is excellent for international business. If abroad, this application will assist you in communicating with other languages. For example, the user speaks into the microphone in English and the application repeats what was said in many languages for free.


The TripIt application is excellent for business travelers. This app organizes everything about a business trip from the flight to the hotel and restaurants. Not only is all the data stored about the users upcoming trip but maps and directions are given to the user to help with navigation.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at Broadband Expert, the broadband comparison website. He specializes in writing on mobile phones, sim only plans, and the latest in wireless internet provider news and information.

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