Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus now includes Trusted Authentication Services that contain an ever increasing library of over 10 million files providing a real-time safety check for your PC. This self-learning online library incorporates information from other active network users that have previously accessed and rated the file. You can easily protect your PC and check the status by following this article.

Use Kingsoft AntiSpyware to check the files on your PC

Follow these steps to check the status of files on your computer:

  1. Open Kingsoft AntiSpyware.
  2. Click Analyze Online.
  3. Now click Analysis.
  4. It may take a few moments for the online service to provide a status for each file.

Kingsoft AntiSpyware Analysis

Use Kingsoft Personal Firewall to check files that access the Internet

Follow these steps to enable Trusted Authentication Services on the firewall:

  1. Open Kingsoft Personal Firewall.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Now click Trusted Authentication, and then click Enable on the right.

Kingsoft Personal Firewall Trusted Authentication Services

Now, with every Internet request, the Kingsoft Personal Firewall will analyze the program signature from the online Trusted Authentication Services server and allow all programs that are on the safe list. The firewall will only ask the user for confirmation on programs that are not on the list. Below is an example of when a program that is not on the safe list tries to access the Internet:

Kingsoft Personal Firewall Blocks Unknown Application

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