Kingsoft has released an updated version of Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus. Kingsoft Antivirus, Kingsoft Antispyware and Kingsoft Personal Firewall have all been updated to version 9 Plus. The new version can now be downloaded here. Here is a list of new features:

Kingsoft Antivirus

  • Added Trusted authentication services.
  • Increased the online database to allow a maximum of 100 million whitelist entries.
  • Increased the online database speed to handle an average of 750,000 requests a day.
  • Increased the speed of the definition update process.
  • Enhanced the user experience by┬áreducing the number of restarts required after an update.
  • Improved the server to update urgent viruses within 1 hour.
  • Improved the engine to use less system resources.
  • Auto-protect is now 100% compatible with Microsoft XP SP3 and Microsoft Vista.

Kingsoft Antivirus 9 Plus

Kingsoft Antispyware

  • Improved the System Repair Tool by adding 10 key repair areas.
  • Increase the performace of the application.

Kingsoft Antispyware 9 Plus

Kingsoft Firewall

  • Added MSN Encryption.
  • Added malicious web address blocking function.
  • Enhanced the analysis of trusted authentication. Now with every request, the firewall will analyse the program signature list from the online database server, and allow all programs that are on the safe list, and only ask the user to permit or deny programs that are not on the list.
  • Decreased the CPU usage of the firewall.

Kingsoft Personal Firewall 9 Plus

New Vulnerability Scanner

  • Added a new application called Kingsoft Vulnerability Fix that uses P2SP technology to download updates and patches.
  • Added third party program vulnerability scanning (e.g. it will now scan more than 13 new third party programs such as Real Player, Media Player Classic, Thunderbird, etc.)

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