Kingsoft Internet Security includes the KAVDX.EXE command-line utility that can scan the NTFS file system for viruses on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. When your NTFS file system is infected with a virus and you are unable to remove it completely, you will need to restart Windows in safe mode. Just hit the F8 key a few times while your computer is booting to access this feature. Once the system is booted using Safe Mode with Command Prompt, you can use the KAVDX utility to clean your system. Read the following to learn more about how to use the KAVDX.EXE command-line utility:

Scan NTFS disks with KAVDX.EXE antivirus utility

Command format: KAVDX [drive:][path][filename] [{/|-}[+|-] …]

+ = Turn on the settings switch
– = Turn off the settings switch

?|H|Help = Display the help information
D = Display default settings
M = Memory scan
B = Boot scan
All = Scan all of the files
Z = Check compressed files
S = Scan sub-directory
HA = Enable heuristic scanning method
A{P|C|D|S|Q} = Found viruses ( Inquiry | Clear | Remove | Skip | Quarantine)
BAK = Back up infected files before clearing viruses
CF{D|S|Q} = Responses when failed to {remove | skip | quarantine} infected files

Example usage

KAVDX Scan all local hard drives and all sub-directories. Ask user how to handle viruses.
KAVDX /ALL C:\ Scan all of the files on the C drive and all sub-directories.
KAVDX /AC C:\ Scan all program files and documents on the C drive and clear viruses automatically.
KAVDX /ALL /Z /AC C:\ Scan all files, including compressed files, and clear viruses automatically.
KAVDX /S- C:\ C:\WINDOWS Scan the root and WINDOWS directory, ignoring all sub-directories.
KAVDX C:\DATA\FILES.ZIP Scan FILES.ZIP under the DATA directory on the C drive.
KAVDX /BAK: Back-up files before clearing viruses.
KAVDX /AC /CFD C:\ Scan all files on the C drive, if a virus is found, try to repair, or delete the file.
KAVDX D: Scan the D drive using the default settings of KAVDX.
KAVDX “E:\Program Files\Kingsoft\*.*” /All /Z+ /S+ Scan this directory and all sub-directories.

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