Kingsoft Internet Security includes many tools that can check the health of your computer and clean it from malware when necessary. The built-in Windows Task Manager is a great tool to see what processes are running, but if you are looking for more information on a rouge process and .DLLs that are used by this process, you will need to use another tool. The Kingsoft AntiVirus Process Supervisor will give you this additional information including information if the process is trusted.

Launch Kingsoft AntiVirus Process Supervisor

You can start the Kingsoft AntiVirus Process Supervisor by right-clicking the Windows taskbar and selecting it from the list. The process supervisor can also be launch from the Kingsoft AntiSpyware application (under the section Security Toolkit).

Running Kingsoft AntiVirus Process Supervisor from Windows Taskbar

Checking a process

Select any process from the list, and enable the Show plugged-in dll option to see all modules used by this process. This application will connect to the Kingsoft Trusted Authentication server to check the status of a process, and this information will be shown (e.g. it shows Secure).

Kingsoft AntiVirus Process Supervisor

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