AV-Comparatives Standard Award November 2009

AV-Comparatives has completed testing of Kingsoft Internet Security for their Retrospective/Proactive Test in November 2009. The focus of this test was on the proactive detection capabilities of the products.

AV-Comparatives used two sets of malware: Set A, which contains malware signatures found from December 2007 to December 2008 (of which most products could detect over 97 percent), and Set B, which contains malware from the last seven months (1.6 million samples). The set included the following categories of malware: Trojans (69.5 percent), Backdoors/Bots (20.7 percent), Worms (6.1 percent), other malware (1.5 percent), and Windows viruses (0.4 percent).

Below is the results from the November 2009 test:

AV-Comparatives Test Results November 2009

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