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BinaryNow Renew Product Portfolio with SoftMaker Office 2021 for Windows, Mac and Linux
SoftMaker Office 2021 rev 1016.0624 has been released
SoftMaker Office 2021: best deal guarantee
Upgrade to SoftMaker Office 2021 from alternative office suites
Microsoft Office 2019 vs SoftMaker Office pricing for Small Business

New dictionaries for SoftMaker Office spell checker

SoftMaker Office ships with high quality commercial dictionaries for spell checking in many languages. The included dictionaries cover the following languages: English (United States, United Kingdom), French (France, Canada), German (Germany, Switzerland,…

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Switching ribbon and classic menu toolbar interface in SoftMaker Office 2018

With SoftMaker Office 2018, you can switch at any time between modern ribbons and the classic user interface with menus. Ribbons are a modern type of user interface, which replaces…

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SoftMaker Office 2018 rev 972.1023 has been released

SoftMaker Office 2018 for Windows rev 972.1023 is available through automatic updates. Pricing starts at $59.95 for Standard Edition.  This update is free for all previous SoftMaker Office 2018 users. SoftMaker Office…

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How to run SoftMaker Office 2018 applications from a USB flash drive

If you want to carry SoftMaker Office and all documents with you, you can install SoftMaker Office into a USB flash drive. You can then run SoftMaker Office applications from…

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SoftMaker Office Professional Corporate license provides an alternative to Microsoft Office volume site licensing for servers, Terminal Services and Citrix

SoftMaker Office Professional 2018 Corporate License provides an alternative to Microsoft Office enterprise licensing on individual computers, servers, Terminal Services, and Citrix Presentation Server / XenApp. Corporate Licensing Significant cost savings…

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