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BinaryNow Office can open and save Microsoft Office Open XML (.DOCX, .XLSX, and .PPTX)
BinaryNow Office enterprise license provides an alternative to Microsoft Office volume site licensing for servers, Terminal Services and Citrix
Alternative to Microsoft Office for Business, OEM, Academic, Home, Student and Teacher Edition: BinaryNow Office
BinaryNow Wishes You Happy Holidays
Office Suite bundle available in Walmart and Sam’s Club stores

Elegant Handwriting Fonts are perfect fit for your holiday greeting cards, gift tags and thank you cards

Nothing has personal impact quite like a handwritten note. There’s something incredibly sweet and almost romantic about using a handwritten font for design projects. All your words can carry the…

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BinaryNow Office: An alternative to Microsoft Office with native PDF export

BinaryNow Office includes three alternative Microsoft Office compatible applications: a word processor (Microsoft Word), spreadsheet editor (Microsoft Excel) and presentation creation utility (Microsoft PowerPoint). BinaryNow Office includes native PDF export support and…

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How to run BinaryNow Office applications from a USB flash drive

If you want to carry BinaryNow Office and all documents with you, you can install BinaryNow Office into a USB flash drive. You can then run BinaryNow Office applications from…

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Art Nouveau, Blackletter, Handwriting, Medieval and Script Font Collections price dropped

Five different font collections which can be used for any occasion and serve range of different audiences were released. Font collections include Art Nouveau, Blackletter, Handwriting, Mediæval and Script Fonts….

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How to make Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) file size smaller using PDF conversion

Presentations from BinaryNow Office can convert large Microsoft PowerPoint .PPT and .PPTX files into smaller file size PDF documents. The native PDF export function allows you to take large presentations,…

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